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Waterman Pens

Waterman Pens offer a wide and luxurious selection of Fine Writing pens ranging from beginner to enthusiast models. Most Waterman Pens are made in France, with a few made in the United Kingdom. Since 1883, Waterman Pen continues to be a brand synonimous with quality and style.

Waterman Audace Pen
Waterman Audace Pens
A fashion accessory that surprises at first glance.

Waterman Charleston Pen
Waterman Charleston Pens
A pen with creative reminiscence on retro glories.

Waterman Edson Pen
The Edson is the soul of eloquent expression.
Free Waterman Refill for a Limited Time!

Waterman Carene Pens
The luminous satin finishes describe a portrait in stylish distinction.
Free Waterman Refills for a Limited Time!
Carene Deluxe
Waterman Carene Deluxe
The sterling silver vistas provide dramatic accents.
Free Waterman Refill for a Limited Time!

Waterman Elegance
Waterman Elegance
Grace and distinction featured in a finely-crafted jewel pen.
Free Waterman Refill for a Limited Time!

Waterman Exception

Daring creativity with technical excellence in a world class writing instrument.
Free Waterman Refill for a Limited Time!

Waterman Expert Pen
Waterman Expert II Pens

Classic cigar-shape profile with a weighted brass inner barrel gives the impression of luxury and writing comfort.

Waterman Expert New Generation
Waterman Expert New Generation Pens

In 2011, Waterman refreshes its classic Expert line that originally launched in 1992 with more elegance and refinement than ever. Free Waterman Refill for a Limited Time!

Waterman Expert Precious Pens
The Waterman Expert Precious Finish is the new sophisticated, trendy business pen.
Free Waterman Refill for a Limited Time!

Waterman Harmonie

An aria of grace fashionably expressed in subtle....

Waterman Hemisphere Essential
Waterman Hemisphere Essential

In 2011, Waterman proudly introduces a refreshed update to their classic Hemisphere elegant, slimline pens.
Free Waterman Refill for a Limited Time!
Waterman Hemisphere Deluxe
Waterman Hemisphere Deluxe

Striking and easy to write with, the Hemisphere Deluxe delivers on luxury and comfort in-hand.
Free Waterman Refill for a Limited Time!

Waterman Hemisphere - RETIRED STYLE

Hémisphère spans in form and finish, from metallic to lacquered colors. Featuring a slim profile and a lighter feel for a delicate touch.

Waterman Hemisphere Shine Pens
Sun-bright sparkling flecks of light captured in finely chiselled, elegant vertical lines that trail through...
Ici Et La
Waterman Ici Et la Pen
The Ici Et Là sets the stage for streamlined refinement.

Waterman Perspective Pens
Inspired from architectural trends, PERSPECTIVE is an expressive and...
Waterman Serenite Pens

The Sérénitè pen embraces cultures and eras of the Samurai...

Waterman Harley Davidson Combustion
The Combustion pen design is based on the famous Harley-Davidson EL 36 model.

Waterman Harley Davidson Horizon
Eye catching in style and creativity, the Horizon's unique body is modeled after the most evident part of...
Waterman Phileas Pen
Waterman Phileas Pens

Revisit the worldly splendors that time has forgotten...
Waterman Refills
Waterman Ink & Refills

A complete selection of Waterman refills
All Waterman pens are also warranted for life by Waterman, with the usual caveats. Waterman pens take pride of craftsmanship to a dimension beyond words. Bringing refinement to the touch and magic to every moment, each model is a luminous essay in performance and imagination.


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