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The name Visconti has been for the past twenty years a synonym for writing instruments of extraordinary beauty, historically and technologically studied. The fountain pens, rollers and ballpoint pens by Visconti make up a wide range of high quality instruments with a strong identification.

Visconti Regular Editions

Black Divina
This unmistakable pen by Visconti is certainly pleasing to the eyes. Its unique shape was inspired by the Golden Mean, also known as the Divine Ratio, which is 1,618.

Divina Elegance
The Divina's body and cap twists, accentuated by sterling silver trim and new pearlescent colors producing a visual effect that looks and feels luxurious.
visconti divina royale
Divina Royale
More than 250 crystals outline the famous gold spiral, uniting theme of the entire Divina collection.
Visconti Cosmos
Looking to the future and building on a heritage of great design and innovation Visconti introduces the new Cosmos Collection.

Homo Sapiens
Forged in the volcano, HS is the first pen to be made of lava from Mt. Etna. Durable, ergonomic and luxurious to write with. Fountain pen features 23kt solid Palladium dream touch nib.

Homo Sapiens Crystal Swirl
The latest collection from Visconti Homo Sapiens. Made from Transparent acryloid, the features give the pen a transparent blue resin color.

Homo Sapiens Steel Age
Black Basaltic Lava paired with stainless marine steel. Midi (medium) sized fountain pen now available as piston filler.

The newest creation from Visconti is inspired by famous artist - Rembrandt van Rijn. Each finish echos his painting technique chiaroscuro: treatment of light and dark...

Rembrandt Eco Roller
A new edition to the Visconti Rembrandt Collection is thier Eco Roller which uses international standard cartridge refills to make for more eco-friendly writing.

Rembrandt Calligraphy Sets
A perfect gift for the aspiring (or experienced) calligrapher, this set features a Visconti Rembrandt fountain pen, 2 nibs, bottle of Visconti ink, blotting papers and 2 converters.

Unita d'Italia Anniversary Edition
In honor of the 150th anniversary of Italy's unification, this special edition from Visconti is a commemorative piece modeled from the popular Michelandelo multi-faceted design.

Opera Limited Edition
Opera Blue Typhoon Limited Edition: 1,000 pieces worldwide
Visconti Opera Club LE Pens
Opera Club LE
Special, Limited Edition colors of the popular Opera pen model.
Opera Elements Clearance
Opera Elements
The Opera Club is part of the Squaring the Circle Collection and it represents colored model is hand carved from a block of luxurious materials...

Wall Street
Unique, four-sided design inspired by the tall skyscrapers that surround Wall Street. The striped celluloid pattern is reminiscent of vintage celluloid pens.

In honor of this great man, Visconti's technicians have created the only multi-faceted pen composed of 18 sides!

Van Gogh
Remastered for 2011, the Van Gogh is Reminiscent of the famous Impressionist paintings of the world renown artist.
Visconti Michelangelo VenusMichelangelo Venus
The Visconti Venus for the Michelangelo Collection pays tribute to Botticelli with two new Marblelized colors in Pink and White.

Van Gogh Midi
The pocket sized version of the Van Gogh. Reminiscent of the famous Impressionist paintings of the world renown artist Van Gogh.

Surrealist - Salvador Dali
This regular collection captures the essence of Salvador Dali's masterpiece "Dance of Time I".

Visconti Limited Editions

visconti alchemy

Duel-ended fountain pens reflect the attitude of influential Swiss thinker Carl Gustav Jung.

Alutex Skeleton
An intricate and difficult process which involves cutting the fine aluminum weave into the characteristic design of the Skeleton.

Amerigo Vespucci
Commemorating the 500th anniversary, Visconti took inspiration from symbolic events, primarily Vespucci's travels... Bronze Limited to 500 pieces. Rose Gold Limited to 50 pieces.

visconti bible pen
Bible Pen
Christianity and Judaism are two religions linked to the Bible - each depicted in large pens hand-turned from ivory colored resins.

Carbon Dream
First pen to use Carbon Fiber overlay, limited to 993 pens. Comes with Solid Carbon Fiber inkwell.

Declaration of Independence
Intricately designed using scrimshaw to imprint the full text of the Declaration on the pen. Limited to 776 pieces in fountain pen or rollerball.

visconti dragon limited edition
Dragon Limited Edition
Visconti celebrates 2012 the year of the Dragon with this limited edition of 888 pieces worldwide.
Visconti Extase d'Oud
Extase d'Oud
Visconti has created a pen inspired by the Middle Eastern culture in which agarwood is a much-loved fragrance used in every household. 
visconti forbidden city
The Forbidden City
In trubute to the Forbidden City in Beijing, China. The exclusive home of the Chinese imperial family for more than 500 years.
Visconti Golden Man
Visconti Golden Man
In honor of a warrior's tomb referred to as the Golden Man. Limited edition of 388 pieces.
Gordian Knot
Made from solid 925 sterling silver. Inspired by soaring skyscrapers and bustling pace of the city. Modern, six-sided design. Fountain pen uses push-and-turn filling system.

Istos Aracnis
Limited to 888 pieces. Black Lucite with sterling silver "web" design overlay. Features Visconti's 23kt Dreamtouch Palladium nib and double reservoir power filling mechanism.

visconti jacques de molay

Jacques de Molay
Exactly seven hundred years have elapsed since the death of Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Order of The Knights Templar. Falsely accused of heresy, the order was suppressed in 1308...

visconti mecca and medina

Mystic Collection
A series of fountain pens dedicated to all people and religions of the world. Mecca and Medina (shown).

visconti monaco royal wedding

Monaco Royal Wedding
A tribute to the wedding between Albert II, Prince of Monaco, and Charlene Wittstock. A special edition limited to 388 pieces.

visconti pininfarina carbongrafite

Automobile designer, Pininfarina oversaw many designs (particularly Ferraris). Visconti commemorates him with his own limited edition.

Visconti Saint Basil
Saint Basil
In homage to this Russian icon and World Heritage site, Visconti has created a new limited edition pen in celebration of the extraordinary Saint Basil Cathedral.

Salvador Dali-Dance of Time I
A surrealist pen dedicated to the artist Salvador Dali. Limited to 904 fountain pens in vermiel or sterling silver.

twelve tribes

Twelve Tribes
The Visconti Twelve Tribes pen is enriched with biblical details with historic meaning. Limited to 512 pieces worldwide.

Van Gogh 12 Pen Collection
Limited to only 400 sets. Displayed in a lacquered wood case with a glass top and lock and key.
visconti wall street limited edition

The Wall Street Limited Edition
The Wall Street limited edition fountain pen has a power filler, where as the regular edition Wall Street has a piston filler.

visconti diamond jubilee
60th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee
Honoring the 60th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's reign. Only 600 pieces of each mode.
Complimentary Visconti My Pen System

The My Pen System is a new way to personalize your new pen. Using a magnetic connection, the top Visconti "V" medallion can be removed and replaced with your initials. As a courtesy to our customers buying Visconti pens, we offer the service of putting your initials on your brand new pen for no additional charge. To opt for this service, please place your order as you normally would and then make a note of what initials you would like, and for which pen (if there are more than one being purchased) in the "Comments" section of our order form. If you forget to include the note, you may also e-mail us through our helpdesk or call our customer service line at your soonest convenience to make your request. Available for all Visconti Pens excluding the Van Gogh and some limited editions. Natural stones, Eastern Zodiac and Western Zodiac signs are also available by special request and cost $15.00 each. If you have received a Visconti from us in the past and would like the My Pen initials on your pen, please contact us to arrange a return.


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