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Taccia Logo

Taccia is the perfect accessory - fun to collect, display, and wear. In this age of information technology, their pens are an intimate form of communication. They strive to develop and manufacture pens that break new ground in writing instrument design and affordability. 

Through the various styles and designs, they make sure that you find the perfect one for your personal taste. Their products have been constructed to the highest quality standards utilizing meticulous craftsmanship and superior materials. They offer a lifetime warranty on all Taccia products.

Current Taccia Styles

Taccia Altitude Pens
Gleaming in the light, the Taccia Altitude Collection™ defies gravity and defines utility in a compact, streamlined ballpoint pen.
taccia covenant collection
Taccia Covenant Pens
Protect your words. Since antiquity, covenants have been used as a written agreement of a promise.
kimono pen wraps
Taccia Kimono Pen Wraps
A unique and luxurious way to easily store, protect, and carry your pen collection.

Taccia Leather Pouches
100% genuine leather pouches to protect your valuable writing instruments. Affordable and luxurious.

Taccia Savanna Pens
Crafted from sustainably harvested buffalo horn, each Savanna pen is hand-carved and individually polished to create a unique fine writing instrument.

Taccia Timeless Collection
Perfectly combining elements of old-world charm and high-tech flair.

Retired Taccia Styles

Limited Availability

Aviator Pens
The Aviator is ready for any occasion. The colors complement both the serious and fun sides of life.

Jupiter Pens
When closed, the Jupiter measures a small three inches. When opened, the pen converts to a full-sized five-inch ballpoint pen.

Taccia Legato Pens
Elegantly styled after the Staccato design with a more comfortable and compact feel.

Taccia Limited Edition Pens
Handmade from precious materials using highly-skilled techniques, each limited edition Taccia pen is unique and rare.

Merit Pens
Bold, Bright Resins and a clear ink window make the affordable Merit a must-have.

Overture Pens
Graceful lines and sharp accepts, the Overture is a classical pen built with truest intentions.

Taccia Palatial Pearl
Multi-faceted inlaid mother of pearl body matched with swirling marble resin cap and front section.

Portuguese Pens
Quality Italian resin with exceptional design to present an attractive and sturdy compact pen to the mobile pen user.

Premier Pens
The Premier Collection is Taccia's newest luxury pen, generously sized and shaped from a solid rod of a distinctive mosaic resin.

SST Pens
The SST, or Supersonic Transport, is an aircraft designed to fly passengers at speeds greater than the speed of sound.

Staccato Pens
A limited editions series of lyrically inclined pens will have you singing for joy. Built for looks and is meant for daily use.

Strata Pens
Beautiful swirls of formulated resin and polished chrome trims decorate the sumptuous size of this valuable collection.

Ta-ke Pens
Named after the Japanese word for Bamboo, Taccia's "Ta-ke" Collection takes inspiration from one of our world's most treasured plants.
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