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Waterford celebration pens
The name of Waterford Writing Instrument's newest family, Celebration, aptly describes this latest creation of the Waterford craftsmen. This entire family of writing instruments celebrates the storied past of Waterford Crystal. Its solid Waterford Crystal star-cut disc serves as the capstone of each writing instrument. Whether celebrating a spectacular New Year's Eve, your own or another's achievement or a gift for someone important to you, this is truly a writing instrument that will always remain special. The solid polished brass cap and clip are Platinum plated and the clip has a deep cut groove evoking its Waterford heritage. The barrel is black resin, machined from a solid block of material and polished to a high luster finish with a Platinum plated tip section. Waterford Celebration is available as a twist action Ball Pen, Rollerball and Fountain pen with a 14ct. gold bi-color German nib, available in fine, medium and broad.