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Twelve Tribes by Visconti pays tribute to ancient history and the 12 tribes of Israel. The sacred Torah traces the Israelites to Jacob, grandson of Abraham. Jacob, who was later renamed Israel after a mysterious incident in which he wrestles with an angel or God, had twelve sons who became the ancestors of twelve tribes, each occupying a separate territory in the holy land of Israel. The Visconti Twelve Tribes pen is enriched with biblical details with historic meaning. Each tribe's symbol is engraved using a scrimshaw process on the pen. The body has a raised engraving of an olive tree branch. A symbol of peace and prosperity. Each tribe image can be seen individually when the barrel is turned: Reouvene, Shimone, Levy, Yehouda, Yissakhar, Zevouloune, Dan, Naphthali, Gad, Asher, Yossef, Binyamine.