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Pelikan technixx

Technixx translates your awareness of striking-yet-subtle styling and quality details into a series of fine Pelikan writing instruments. High-grade aluminum and brass are used to construct slender-but-hefty barrels with a supple shape that distinctly escapes the conventional. The straight-lined tubular shape contrasts with the curving Technixx barrel to create a pleasant design tension. The decorative bands of aluminum around the writing end of each Technixx are a sure sign you've departed from the ordinary. Technixx clips are all sharp angles. A watchmaker's fitting hinges them to the pen… striking, playful and vastly functional as you clip your pen into a variety of pockets, portfolios and briefcases.

Technixx fountain pens and roller-ball pens have flat-topped cylindrical caps that snap on with a satisfying click, but when removed can actually stand on either end. The fountain pen fills via cartridge and is available in fine, medium and broad nib sizes. The Rollerball pen features gentle, comfortable gliding with the characteristic stroke of ink handwriting. The ballpoint pen and 0.7mm mechanical pencil feature twist-action advance system.