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Pelikan souveran 600

Hand craftsmanship, high quality control, and a commitment to traditional values have made the Souveran writing instruments one of the most popular pens of all time. Smaller than the 800 and larger than the 400, the 600 size is ideal for both men and women. The sleek elegance of the diamond-processed sleeve together with precise technology guarantee everlasting beauty. The Souveran 600 fountain pen features hand-crafted, finely engraved 14 carat gold nib available in fine, medium, or broad nib sizes and fills with Pelikan's very sturdy, brass piston filling mechanism from bottled ink. The distinguishing Pelikan hallmark is seen on the crown of the cap, a double silver ring can be seen on the cap as well as the barrel.

Matching ballpoint pen, mechanical pencil and roller-ball pen are also available. The twist-action ballpoint pen and 0.7mm mechanical pencil offer reliable performance day in and day out. The roller-ball pen features gentle, comfortable gliding with the characteristic stroke of ink handwriting.

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