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Pelikan pura

Pura is an attractive series of metal writing instruments from Pelikan which combines timeless unobtrusive design with restrained elegance. The quality appearance of this writing instrument is achieved by the well-judged use of lightweight aluminum, giving a pleasant "feel" to the act of writing that users enjoy. Featuring a simple but noble shape and a modern yet timeless finish, the Pura is an attractive writing instrument that contrasts matte and glossy metal surfaces. The spring clip features the classic Pelikan beak design, a symbol of the German pen manufacturers dedication to quality craftsmanship and engineering.

The Pura Collection is available as a cartridge filling fountain pen with high quality stainless steel nib in fine, medium and broad sizes, as a ballpoint pen with twist mechanism and 337 M international large-capacity refill, as a twist-mechanism 0.7mm mechanical pencil and as a stylish rollerball pen. The Pura Series also makes the perfect gift in its special metal case for one or two writing instruments.