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Celebry 570

Pelikan introduces a new line of writing instruments to allow you to write with quality without putting a dent in your wallet. The Celebry 570 Collection is a discreet alternative with perfect design.

The sleek barrels of Pelikan Celebry 570 are available in solid lacquer colors with brilliant silver trim. The clip and fittings are in a modern steel finished chrome that are in perfect harmony with the elegant colors. The fountain pen is enhanced with a stainless steel nib, available in M, F & B sizes and fills via cartridge, may be equipped with a plunger converter. Matching roller-ball pen, ballpoint pen and 0.7mm mechanical pencil are also available. The rollerball pen features a gentle, comfortable gliding with the characteristic stroke of ink handwriting. The ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil are fitted with time tested twist mechanism.