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Omas 360 pens

The true emblem of Omas Design and Innovation, 360 Collection, after little more than a decade rich in satisfaction, it re-interprets its codes of style fitting into the new millennium as an avant-garde Writing Instrument.

The triangular form of the 360 Collection is modified in the cap head to leave space for Omas's "O" icon. The base of the pen tapers off, as if it was designed by the wind, and it highlights the pen's design.

The Clip, also triangular in shape, seems to be just lightly resting on the front of the cap. Designed with the aim of creating a Collection in tune with ergonomic principles, the new 360 softens its lines on the grip, passing from a triangular to a circular section, so as to favour the manageability whilst writing.

The platinum plated 18k nib, skilfully engraved with the 360 collection triangular symbol and the "O", icon of Omas Company, is more streamlined than before and it is in line with the pen's design.

Finally, the name of the 360 Collection, OMAS and Italy are laser-engraved on the platinum plated rings. The fine Black and Bordeaux cotton resin versions mark the new 360 Collection rich in personality, epitomising the exclusivity of OMAS products. Available in Fountain pen, Roller ball and Ballpoint versions.