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The ogival shape of MOON 1969, gracefully retro, recalls the space and technological shapes of the Sixties and Seventies. The turnaround of the points of view gave rise to the design idea: the pen barrel is the Moon, from which every single astronaut can see the Earth definitely far and away and transformed. Armstrong's and Aldrin's footprints are designed in 3D on the lunar surface of the MOON 1969.

Omas made the most of all the expressive capabilities of the micro fusion to simulate the lunar surface and all the astronaut's footprints. As a matter of fact the micro fusion enables to create in a realistic way their crossing by stressing in 3D the astronauts' footprints.

The clip remains the emblem of this Limited Edition: the tiny carving represents the flight path of Apollo 11. This tremendous journey is represented by a band which surrounds the Earth and finally reaches its ambitious destination, the Moon, at its end.

The Earth, covered with water for two thirds of its surface, is represented with a precious lapis lazulis stone.

Omas technical experience, which ensures traditional reliability and high quality products, find its place inside this amazing "space object" for a perfect writing.

Limited Edition of 1969 pieces to celebrate the Moon landing date.

Piston-filled Fountain Pens produced in 1.000 numbered and limited pieces, with platinum plated

Roller Balls produced in 969 numbered and limited pieces, with platinum plated