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Omas chose carefully Rome as the first city of this collection.

Rome is not only the capital city of Italy but it is also considered the mother of all the cities worldwide, the cradle of the Western Civilization and of the Roman Empire, the biggest in terms of management and quality of the territory with a strong socio-political organization, that laid the foundation for the modern culture. Every single detail of this Limited Edition encapsulates the essence of this marvelous capital city and has been chosen on purpose for its representation and its recognition throughout the world.

The most significant detail is the impressive Flavian Amphitheatre engraved on the barrel.

The "Colosseum" encapsulates and embodies the futuristic Roman architecture, famous for a series of public structures and infrastructures, which were totally unusual and cutting edge at that time. These structures paved the way for the development and the consolidation of the Empire as for instance the very efficient road network and the water works. The systematic use of arches enables to build not only impressive infrastructures but also stately civil and palatial constructions. The "Colosseum" is precisely the most famous of these ones.