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Omas computer pen

The number of personal computers in the world reached one billion in 2008, and that's almost one for every seven people living on earth! Omas celebrates this important fact with the limited edition FPC collection. Available in fountain pen and rollerball models, it is made of treated aluminum, paying homage to one of the most commonly used materials in the high-tech environment.

The Omas 360 has been reinterpreted with guilloche engraving on the three sides of the pen: the two front sides give a detail of the design of the first hard disk made in 1956; the clip represents a stylized form of an abacus used in 1200AD. The third side of the cap shows a detail of the design of the CRAY X1 Supercomputer, created in 2003 and capable of carrying out 52.4 thousand billions of operations a second.

This limited edition comprises 1,008 fountain pens and 1,000 rollerball pens, the sum of which -2008- represents the year we reached one billion computers. The fountain pen is priced at under $1500.