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The Monteverde Regatta is a celebration of color, attitude and hope. To many, sailing is mankind's ultimate tribute to nature. The boat works in accord with the water and air to create an experience that propels us to places beyond imagination. A nautical regatta is a celebration; here yachts are festooned with flags that send messages of hope and family pride.

The Monteverde Regatta collection combines extraordinary finishes and unbelievable value to create pens of rare beauty. The Regatta makes everyday writing seem like a gala event! Seven segments alternate between handcrafted resins and diamond cut chrome rings. The Regattas are solid and comfortable for those who appreciate a heavier pen. The Regatta roller-ball and fountain pen are threaded at both ends to secure the cap for travel or posting. The Regatta fountain pen features a stainless steel, iridium tip, fine, medium, broad, 1.1 size nib and fills via cartridge or converter. The Regatta roller-ball pen uses schmidt ceramic rollerball refill. The Regatta ballpoint pen uses schmidt parker style ballpoint refill.