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Laban mento pens

Laban pens is proud to present its line of fine quality writing instruments. Their products reflect Laban's strength, style, refinement and unbelievable value-for-money.

Beautifully done in resin in a variety of colors is the Mento series by Laban. The Laban Mento is a large pen measuring some 6 inches in length and with a diameter of 18mm (nearly 3/4inch) at its widest. Laban has designed this series with a strong and large body yet the pen remains medium to light weight. These pens are made from italian resins with a special hand-turned techniques.

The Laban Mento fountain pen comes with a dual tone standard stainless steel nib with iridium tip and uses cartridge/ converter filling system, whereas the rollerball pen uses international standard refill.