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Fisher x 750 pens

Functionality, form and elegance meet to blend in what can only be described as some of the most unique writing instruments in the Fisher line. Stunning in appearance, each of these pens exhibits an undeniable individuality and the assurance of tried and true Fisher Space Pen quality. The Fisher Speciality Space Pen X-750 comes in an attractive gift box with a small pamphlet that provides the interesting history of the Fisher Space Pen.

The Fisher Speciality Space Pen X-750 writes at any angle, upside down, underwater, and in harsh temperature conditions (hot and cold) and even in zero gravity.

Fisher speciality Space Pen X-750 Explorer Chrome pen measures 4 7/8" in length closed and has a Chrome body with rubberized finger grip. Removable cap with pocket clip. Pressurized ink cartridge contains visco-elastic, thixotropic, permanent type ink with 100 year shelf life. Smoothly polished tungsten carbide ball with diamond dust texture and cradled in a SS Socket and protective heavy duty beveled rim. Comes from the factory with a PR4 black ink, medium point refill in the pen. Gift Boxed.