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The Valhalla Collection is the ninth in the David Oscarson series of Limited Edition writing instruments. Produced in three color variations, each will be limited to production of 88 pieces (including fountain pens and roller balls).

From the Bronze Age to medieval times, Viking mythology was the religion of Scandinavia. Today, legends of the Vikings are present in all cultures as a result of their ability to travel and plunder, leaving their marks across the face of Europe and the known world. Known for their longships and crude weaponry, the Vikings also developed a crude runic alphabet, seen chiseled into huge granite rocks, called rune stones; they can be seen across most of modern-day Europe.

Valhalla (Valholl) literally translated means "Hall of the Slain" and is in essence a Viking heaven, or Otherworld into which Viking warriors pass upon leaving this life. It is a great structure much like a Roman Coliseum with 640 doorways, through each of which 960 champions can march shoulder to shoulder. Its rafters are spear shafts and its tiles are shields of gold. Here, fallen champions spend all day gaming and fighting one another in battle. At the end of the day, the dead and wounded are all healed, so they can spend the night feasting on the flesh of a boar whose flesh never diminishes and drinking from the udders of a magic goat.

In Valhalla, three Viking gods prevail: the Nordic Trinity, Odin, Thor and Frey.