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Aurora optima mini
In the wake of the success of the Optima, the pen that made history in the Thirties, Aurora presents its Optima Mini collection, even more elegant and stylish in the new mini version. Its compact size means it fits perfectly into a handbag or organiser, making it a winner with the ladies. The Mini Optima is 4.4” (113mm) long when capped and 4.1” (105mm) long when uncapped. With the cap posted, this pen is just over 5.3” (135mm) long. Optima Mini is available in the variegated burgundy auroloid version with chrome-plated trims. It comes in the Fountain Pen, ballpoint pen, rolling ball pen and sketch pen versions. In the former the cap and barrel are made of variegated burgundy auroloid features chrome-plated trims. The Aurora Optima Mini Fountain Pen has a 14 Kt. solid gold nib and is available in the fine, extra-fine, medium or broad sizes.The sketch pen, with its rounded shape, looks and feels good and features a twist mechanism that propels the lead gradually. The Aurora Optima Mini Pens come in a refined velvet presentation case that complements the personality and style of the precious instruments it holds.