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Aurora design pens
The Aurora Hastil Fountain Pens and Aurora Thesi Ballpoint Pens are designed by Marco Zanusso, one of the most famous Italian designers, The Hastil Fountain Pen has a diamond cut ecosteel barrel and cap. The nib is made of 14kt. rhodium-plated solid gold and the black resin grip is hand worked. The Aurora Thesi is an ultra-flat ballpoint with an oblique end and a differentiated non-slip satin finish. This modern, and functional design has a place in New York's Museum of Modern Art. The Aurora Thesi features a clever push-slide mechanism and a one-touch retractor button to pull the writing point. The Aurora Thesi refill allows for more than 10,000 meters of continuous script, making it a pen you can count on for all your writing needs. Aurora Hastil Fountain Pen comes with a smooth writing 14kt gold nib in different sizes, for better adaptation to your handwriting, and fills via cartridge/ converter filling system. Twist-action aurora Thesi Ballpoint pen is also available.