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Sensa Logo

Welcome to Home of Sensa, The World's Most Comfortable Pen. We have the largest in stock inventory of Sensa Pen, Sensa Pencil and Sensa Refills. Goldspot offers not only the Fastest and Best Customer Service, it also has the lowest prices anywhere on the web. With Goldspot you don't make compromises.

Sensa AMX Pens
The Sensa Carbon Nickel Fiber, first of its kind, heralds technology of the future.
Sensa Batik Pens
It looks like silk, and writes that way too. Nestled in your hand, SENSA Batik helps shape your thoughts into words.
Sensa Card Sets
The Secret Garden Card Sets with matching pen invite romance and adventure with your personal touch.
Sensa City Lights Pens
City Lights basic black with a gentle kick of color! Global Urban-chic lifestyle accessory with a very personal touch.
Currently Unavailable
Sensa Classic Pens
The Classics offer a sleek, contemporary look that exudes sophistication. An ergonomic pen for today's writer, take advantage of Sensa's comfort. 
Sensa Cloud9 Pens
The sleek modern curves and futuristic styling, truly distinguish Cloud9 as the pen of the future
Sensa Designer Pens
Good style is always in fashion with 24k Gold plated appointments and the world famous soft Plasmium gel filled grip.
Sensa Hampton Pens
The Hamptons Collection from Sensa celebrates fashion and design in a sware of today's hottest motifs.
Currently Unavailable
Sensa Marina Club Pens
The Marina Club Collection from Sensa answers all International ports of call, with fresh new bold and spirited colors.
Sensa Meridian Fountain Pens
With this pen in hand, ideas will flow accordingly. The world's only fountain pen that features the patented Sensa plasmium grip and perfect balance.
Sensa Minx Pens
The Classic Minx are a scaled down version of Sensa pens minus the clip. They are conveniently small and come with a protective leather case.
Sensa Platinum Minx Pens
Pretty pastel plasmium grip pens that come with their own premium leather cases.
Sensa Mosaic Pens
Sensa Mosaic tickles the imagination with its unique design.
Sensa Spring Pens
Delicious color rendered in lively florals and sassy stripes that reflect a fresh sensibility.
Sensa Sport Pens
The Sport Collection is on the line with perfect balance, endurance and style in True Blue.
Currently Unavailable
 Sensa Stylist Pens
The stunning SENSA Stylist has a look that ignites a frenzy of extraordinary thought.
Sensa Swan Swarovski Pens
Sensa Swan Pen collection features authentic crystals from the world renowned swarovski components of Austria.
Currently Unavailable
Sensa Weaves Pens
Unique finishes designed by Christopher Lowell. A great value!
Currently Unavailable
Sensa Wild Serengeti Pens
The authentic patterns of the Wild Serengeti collection honor not only nature, but also the 21st century technology used to create them. 

Sensa Woodwind Pens
The very nature of style. Nature whispers inspiration.
Sensa Zephyr Pens
Pulsing with color from top to bottom.  Sensa Zephyr pens are always ready to match the season's latest fashion. 
"The SENSA pen exemplifies function and comfort in a sleek, under stated design."
- Museum of Modern Art.

"Stylish Stylus... Here's a pen that can definitely hold its own in the computer age."
- New York Times.


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