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Montegrappa, since 1912, stands in the same historic building on the bank of the River Brenta, in one of the most picturesque areas of the historic town of Bassano del Grappa in the prosperous north-eastern part of Italy. This Italian heritage is an important value for a Brand that is the first Italian pen manufacturer: it is his tradition, his legacy. Since 1912 Montegrappa pens embody the Italian flair.

Montegrappa Ducale
Ducale Pens
After 80 years, the glorious Ducale name returns to Montegrappa.
Emblema Pens
Emblema is a true icon of Montegrappa, made with the Italian know-how and style, for those who desire exclusive objects....
Espressione Pens
The name of this collection alludes to the expression of one’s personality and takes cue from writing as the prime instrument to express one’s soul.
Montegrappa Extra 1930 montegrappa fortuna montegrappa fortuna cash
Extra 1930 Pens
Inspired by a model from the Thirties, the Extra 1930 was created to meet the taste for those who love...
Fortuna Pens
Fortuna was the Goddess of Fortune, the personification of luck according to the ancient Romans.
Fortuna Cash Pens
Based on the Fortuna pen, Ca$h features a cap and barrel adorned with raised dollar signs and a box that looks like a stack of $100s.
Montegrappa Fortuna Time Montegrappa Fortuna White
Fortuna Time Pens
Time Pen, based on the hugely successful standard Fortuna pens, but with a difference...
Fortuna White Pens
Fortuna is now offered in white resin with rose gold or ruthenium trim.
Montegrappa Lifestyle Collection
Montegrappa has created a beautiful collection of watches and cufflinks to match their iconic Nero Uno Pens.
montegrappa memoria
Memoria Pens
The source of inspiration for this collection is a model of the nineties, re-styled according to the most recent design criteria.
Micra Pens
Micra is the highest expression of luxury and, at the same time, the smallest of Montegrappa's writing instruments.
Miya Pens
Miya is fashioned in precious celluloid with finishing parts in sterling silver: the characteristic rotating sphere, the new Greek key pattern...
montegrappa miya carbon
Miya Carbon Pens
The modern form is sculpted, functional and it is as dashing as an Italian roadster with its top down.
NeroUno Pens
The history of the Montegrappa collections converge into NeroUno albeit with more modern lines: the traditional octagonal shape...
NeroUno Linea Pens
NeroUno Linea is an evolution of the NeroUno collection that adds new, more contemporary and innovative details.
montegrappa piacere
Parola Pens
Parola, Italian for "word," takes after the iconic style of the Montegrappa NeroUno. A great pen to start your Montegrappa collection.
Piacere Pens
The slim Piacere has been created to suit men and women who prefer a smaller pen.
Piccola Pens
Dedicated to women. The Piccola Collection is a new way to show off and stand outside the crowd.
montegrappa pen pouches

Privilege Deco Pens
Classic models in a new garb: taking as inspiration an historical piece from the Thirties belonging to its museum...

Pen Pouches
Leather pouches available in shiny or croco styles.

Limited Editions

Alfa Romeo Limited Edition Pens
Two dominant Italian companies near their centenaries combine for a special edition pen. Available in red celluloid with a choice of carbon fiber, sterling silver or solid gold engraving.

montegrappa batman
Batman Limited Edition Pens
Batman is proof you don't need superpowers to be a superhero...

montegrappa brain pen
Brain Limited Edition
The link between the brain and the pen, with the act and art of writing.

montegrappa bruce lee pen
Bruce Lee Limited Edition
On the 70th Anniversary of his birth, Montegrappa is pleased to pay homage to the legendary Bruce Lee.

Montegrappa Chaos
Chaos Limited Edition
Sylvester Stallone used his blockbuster film, The Expendables, as inspiration.

elvis comeback special
Elvis Comeback Special Ltd.
Black represents 1968 the year of Elvis' 'comeback special"
montegrappa elvis jumpsuit collection
Elvis Jumpsuit
Green is the color that marks 1958, the year Elvis was drafted into the US Army.

montegrappa elvis in uniform collection
Elvis in Uniform Ltd.
Green is the color that marks 1958, the year Elvis was drafted into the US Army.

montegrappa elivs retro 50s collection
Elvis Retro 50s Ltd.
Aqua was selected to represent the 1950s, a hue that would have been found on two-tone automobiles and early electric guitars.

Eternal Bird Ltd.
On the tenth anniversary of the Limited Edition dedicated to the Dragon, Montegrappa is creating a valuable duo of oriental mythology...

Frank Sinatra Limited Edition Pens
Dedicated to "Ol' Blue Eyes" Frank Sinatra - an icon in music and American culture. Limited to 1915 rollerball pens and 1915 fountain pens.

Montegrappa Fortuna Skull Limited Edition
Fortuna Skull Limited Edition
A universal motif that transcends cultural borders. A symbol of death in one society, a celebration of life in another.

montegrappa guardian angel
Montegrappa Guardian Angel
An exquisitely detailed writing instrument that recognizes the positive energy common to all faiths, in an attractive form.

Icons Muhammad Ali Limited Edition Pens
In tribute to world-renown boxer Muhammad Ali. Limited to 1942 rollerball pens and 1942 fountain pens. Pen is "the greatest of all time."

Montegrappa Mayan Calendar Limited Edition
Mayan Calendar Limited Edition Pens
The pen takes its visual cues from images of the Mayan gods and Mayan architecture.

Modigliani Pens
Montegrappa dedicates Tributo ad Amedeo Modigliani to the genius who discomposed the principles of portraits: a Limited Edition collection that traces the features of his style.

Montegrappa Quincy Jones Limited Edition
Quincy Jones Limited Edition Pens
Honouring the legendary musician, Quincy Jones.

Montegrappa Salvador Dali Limited Edition
Rigoletto Limited Edition Pens
Giuseppe Verdi's Rigoletto, an opera in three acts debut in 1851.

Montegrappa Salvador Dali Limited Edition
Salvador Dali Limited Edition Pens
Genio Creativo has honoured Salvador Dali with recognition in Montegrappa's most exclusive range of pens.

Montegrappa Snake 2013 Limited Edition
Snake Limited Edition Pens
The Snake 2013 is a limited edition to celebrate a specific year among the 12 in the Chinese Zodiac.



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