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Laban Logo
With 28 years accumulation experience in writing instruments, Laban Pen Corp. won the international competition in 2004 as Lewis & Clark Award from the Royal Academy of fine Arts of the United Kingdom.

Laban sincerely invites you to join writing with them.

Collectibles & Limited Edition Pens

Laban Carnival Pens
The Limited Edition Carnival Series from Laban is limited to 750 pieces. Combining a brilliantly colored Chinese antique lacquer...
Laban Diamond Pens
Real Diamond Pen with Rhodium,Gold or Ionic (Black) plating (to avoid tarnishing).

Laban Diamond Designer Pens
Four amazing diamond pens with platinum plated trims. These pens are like hand held jewelry and a beauty to the eye.
Sterling Silver, Brass & Gold Plated Pens
Laban Navy Grid .925 Sterling Silver Collection
Laban .925 Sterling Silver
The .925 range is made from solid sterling silver. Each pen is perfectly crafted to give optimum balance and weight.
Laban Black & .925 Sterling Silver
These pens feature black resin, beautiful sterling silver appointments and geometric patterns.
Laban Blue & .925 Sterling Silver
These pens feature blue resin, beautiful sterling silver appointments and grid patterns.
Brass with Ion Plating laban delta series
Laban Brass with IP Brown
The special ion plating used to create this substantial writing pen.
Laban Delta
These pens have lovely acrylic resin caps with engraved sterling silver barrels.
Laban Gold & Rose Gold
These writing instruments are both modern and flashy. Available in three modes: fountain, rollerball & ballpoint.
Laban Katherine laban stair step laban octagon
Laban Katherine
Swarovski Zirconia details and barrel made from sterling silver 925 pen.
Laban Stair Step
Black and Sterling silver with staircase pattern.
Laban Octagon
Sterling silver with octagonal style ballpoint pen series.
Wood & Leather Pens

Laban African Wood
Select African hard woods are shaped into rings to make a sumptuous cap that luxuriates in fine wood grain and colors.
Laban Canada Pens
Handmade from lovely Rosewood or Briar Wood. An impressively sized writing instrument.
Laban Checkered Flag
Made by weaving Maple and Black Walnut strips, the interlaced light and dark wood bands with the contrasting wood color Laban reveals...
Laban Real Leather
Made from genuine leather and .925 sterling silver. Another good value writing instrument from Laban.
Resin & Design Series Pens
Laban Abalone
Laban Abalone Collection
The Abalone Collection is a capivating treasure of the sea. Featuring abalone shell from New Zealand.
Laban ElegantLaban Elegant Collection
The Elegant Collection is suitable for either gender. Featuring a slim barrel for easy handling.

Laban Enamel Collection
Laban creates an eye-dazzling writing instrument by combining rhodium plated metal with inlaid radiant shades of enamel.

Laban Genghis Khan
Whether you're invading China or signing documents leading to a corporate takeover, the Laban Genghis Khan collection will give you the confidence to rule in the palm of your hand.
Laban German Rubber
Makes the day seem like a formal occasion. Each pen is rubber coated with stylish vertical lines.

Laban Kaiser Collection
The Kaiser Antique Ivory collection is made with Italian resin and uses special hand-turned techniques to make the Kaiser Antique Ivory collection a beautiful collector's item.
Laban Magnetism
Laban Kaiser Hand-Painted
The Laben Kaiser is fashioned from "antique ivory" resin, delicately hand-painted by mastered artists then coated with a clear lacquer to protect the artwork from scratches.
Laban Labrados
Pens feature rhodium plated chrome which aids in the resistance of being
worn down.
Laban Magnetism
Choose from four colors. All with magnetic closure.
Laban Macoron
Laban Macoron
Choose from silver guilloche patterns or lacquered with jewel. Ballpoint pen only.
Laban Mento
The highly popular Mento series is an oversized pen that is reminiscent of the streamlined designs of the 1930's.

Laban Mini-Max
This is an extendable pen that has a pull and twist mechanism. Convenient pen for on the go.
laban rainbow pearl collection Laban New Rainbow Pearl
Laban Rainbow
The Rainbow collection comes in vibrant resin swirls patterns. Push-button pen takes standard Parker refill.
Laban Rainbow Pearl
Crafted from mother of pearl resin that shimmers as it is shone into the light.
Laban New Rainbow Pearl
Slightly different than the previous version. Still each writing instrument is crafted from mother of pearl...

Laban Ring Pen
A variety of colors to choose from and is noted for its distinctive rings.

Laban Scepter
The Scepter has a fluted shape with unique ribbon candy swirl design.
Laban Uptown
Rubber coated with crossed lined pattern on body.
Laban Write Angle
These pens are square resin ballpoints, and come in four colors.
Clearance Items

Laban Celebration are gorgeous pens. Featuring wonderful swirls of brown, dark violets, dark grey-blue and more.

Mini 4 inch pens feature a distinct clip. Ballpens have an easy to grip recessed grooves.

The Don Quixote pen is a special edition pen to commemorate the good knight, the quest and those idealist dreams.

Laban Germana
The Laban Germana pens are marked with a distinctive pattern in diamond, square or criss cross shapes.
Swarovski Crystals
Laban 925 pens are made from solid silver and are platinum plated; clips are embellished with Swarovski Crystals.
Desk Accessories    

Laban Crystal Ink Pots
Looking to spruce up your desk in the office? These beautiful inkwells are a start!

Laban Pen Boxes
Proudly showcase your collector pens with these handsome pen boxes from Laban.

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