Goldspot Pens Fine Writing & Luxury GIfts

Goldspot is an authorized fine writing retailer for fountain pens & luxury brands including; Waterman, Parker, Cross, Aurora, Omas, Conway Stewart, Pelikan, Filofax & Lamy, and many more. Shop with confidence. We guarantee our selection of fine writing instruments to be 100% genuine brands and backed by our excellent customer service.

Royce Leather Pen Cases

Leather Goods by Royce
Royce protects your valuable pens with luxurious leather. Available in a number of colors and sizes to fit your collection.
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Waterman Phileas Kultur Pen

Kultur Collection by Waterman
The European version of the rare Waterman Phileas makes its way to North American shores.
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Cross Botanica Collection

Botanica Collection by Cross
Inspired by the captivating beauty of nature, the Botanica's unique identity is alluring, characterized by a henna-like design on the barrel and cap.
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Lamy Safari Neon Coral Limited Edition 2014

Neon Coral Collection by Lamy
2014 Lamy Safari Special Edition Neon Coral is a bright, exciting color that is limited in availability.
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Ferrari Pens by Sheaffer

Ferrari Collection by Sheaffer
The high performance racing machine inspires a high quality writing instrument. Officially licensed Ferrari products.
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Noodler's Neponset Fountain Pens

Neponset Fountain Pens by Noodler's Ink
Flex your writing style with Noodler's 3-tined, "Vishnu Victory" music nib on this grandly-sized pen.
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Parker Vacumatic 2014 Colors

Vacumatic Colors by Parker
The Parker Urban and IM lines receive a historic makeover with a matte & metal finish reminiscent of vintage Parker Vacumatics.
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Waterman Blue Obsession Collection

Blue Obsession by Waterman
Introducing a rich, deep blue color that is now part of the Waterman Expert, Carene, Perspective and Hemisphere lines of fine pens.
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Sensa Brand Pens with Plasmium Gel Grip

Gel Grip Pens by Sensa
Goldspot is one of the few pen retailers in the US to still have brand-new Sensa pens in stock. Limited styles available.
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Filofax Original UK Organizers

The Malden by Filofax
Made of soft, distressed Buffalo leather, the rare Malden is limited in availability.
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ONLINE Pens are being closed out on steep discount

30%-60% OFF ONLINE Pens
We're closing out the ONLINE (Germany) brand at 30%-60% OFF retail on select styles.
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800+ Stylus Hybrid by rOtring
Expertly engineered, this 2-in-1 mechanical pencil and stylus features a retractable pencil sleeve and capacitive touch stylus for your mobile devices.
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Kaweco Ice Sport pens

Ice Sport Collection by Kaweco
The transparent colors offer a glance into the inner life of the writing instrument.
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Momento Islands Collection - Exclusively at Goldspot

Islands Collection by Momento
It may be fall, but the islands are still warm and more inviting than ever! Take the beach in your pocket.
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ACME Beatles Limited Edition Fine Writing Instruments

Beatles Collection by ACME
For the 50th anniversary of Beatlemania hitting the US, the Beatles are immortalized in pen form with matching business card cases and accessories.
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